Discover What To Do In Japan

There are many things to do in the amazing country, Japan. Better plan the places you want to visit since it can be overwhelming to sort through all your option.

To help you plan your trip, here are our top suggestions:

Try their food and drinks

Japan offers an amazing culinary experience. If you want to experience authentic Japanese culinary experience, visit izakaya. Visiting Izakaya is a must-do experience when you travel in Japan as you will be able to immerse yourself in the local’s culture. Most izakayas are small casual establishments where they serve food and drinks and will find fun-filled conversation and laughter.

Stay at a traditional inn and springs

If you want to really experience authentic Japanese culture, then stay at a traditional ryokan or inn and if possible with onsen or hot springs. From the moment you arrive at a ryokan, you will experience the real Japanese hospitality. You will need to remove your shoes before entering the place, and then you will be led by a kimono-clad member to your room where you will be served tea and give you your light robes.

Most ryokan has onsen so you will be able to soak in an open-air onsen so you will be able to fully relax while enjoying the view of the place.

Enjoy Japan’s art and culture

Visit Naoshima as this is the country’s most unique destinations. This tiny island in Japan is where you will find impressive museums and galleries that include Benesse House and the Chichu Art Museum. You will also find beautiful architecture made by Tadao Andom that includes galleries and installations, cafes and fishing villages.

Exploring Coral Bay

There is a little town in Western Australia called Coral Bay. It has one bar, one supermarket, a few restaurants, and some hotels. This little beach town in the middle of nowhere is mainly barren cattle country, but it also offers blue water, sandy beaches, and the Ningaloo Reef.

Rarely visited by tourists, this quiet slice of paradise is worth the arduous trek to get there so that you can experience one of the most beautiful reefs in the country.

The white sand beach

One of the best parts of a visit to Coral Bay is that it’s like a secret little paradise in a part of the world that you wouldn’t expect. The beach has a reef system which you can swim to, and is home to turtles, fish, and stingrays.

The Ningaloo Reef

Tourism in Western Australia may be growing, but Coral Bay still remains its quiet, beautiful self. You can explore the outback that surrounds Coral Bay, or spend all of your time at the beach snorkelling and swimming. The Ningaloo Reef offers bright coral and a stunning array of wildlife including whale sharks, turtles, and dolphins. During March and April the whale sharks migrate, and you will likely see many large manta rays too. You’ll also be able to swim with the giant manta rays and turtles, but keep in mind that there’s no fishing permitted.

Getting to Coral Bay

Coral Bay is quite isolated, and there aren’t many tourists that visit the area, apart from a few campervans. Coral Bay is located in the middle of the western coast, and the closest airport is a few hours away in Learmonth. You can catch a shuttle bus from Coral Bay to the airport, which is probably the easiest way to access this hidden treasure, and there is also a bus service from the town of Learmonth direct to Coral Bay.

If you are starting from Perth, the drive to Coral Bay will take at least 12 hours. A hefty trip but worth it to experience the serenity and beauty of Coral Bay.

One of the best parts of visiting Coral Bay is that the days are capped off with some of the most beautiful sunsets you will probably ever experience! If you’ve never heard of this gorgeous spot before, it should definitely be on your radar if you’re looking for a great trip within Australia.